Azure deep dive course

Azure deep dive course


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The Azure Platform is huge, and it connects all things great and small in the IT Universe.
Still there's a distinction on where IT Pro's need to know things and Devs need to know things.
This course focuses on the things every IT Pro needs to know (and more) when connecting, and setting up Azure resources and Infrastructure.
We focus in this course mainly on IaaS, but nevertheless we also create an understanding of how Azure works, why IT Pro's need to know the dev stuff too and we even talk about Continuous Integration and DevOps.



1. Overview of Azure
a. Getting in touch with cloud (what is cloud, why, how)
b. Naming components
c. Azure Architecture
Azure structure and how it works
d. Importance for IT

2. Introduction to Virtual Machines and IaaS

a. Looking at how VM's work
b. Possibilities and capabilities
c. Setting up your first VM
d. Configuration options
e. HA , Load balancing

3. Communications and scenario's
a. Introducing VNETS
i. Overview of networking
ii. Setting up your first VNET
iii. Introducing VPN's: P2S, S2S, multi S2S, V2V
iv. Best practices and important things to know
v. Security
b. Introducing Traffic Manager
i. Capabilities
ii. Where it fits

4. Best Practices and scenarios
a. Workload support
b. Notes from the field

5. Azure Management
a. Monitoring
b. Diagnostics
c. Tooling

6. Azure Security
a. Securing azure (all levels)
b. Azure, ACS and WAAD

7. The power of azure : DevOps and automation
a. PowerShell , Azure Automation

8. DR and securing your assets
a. Storage overview
b. Azure Backup
c. Azure Site Recovery

9. Subscription Management