Certified Agile Tester (CAT) + exam

Certified Agile Tester (CAT) + exam


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The Certified Agile Tester training focuses on learning about the agile aspects of testing. We believe that this cannot be simply taught but must be experienced and practiced. This is why the training consists of five days in class that represent the daily work of individual team members in agile projects - practical focus with plenty of activities and interaction.


Students will gain an understanding of the testing role within an agile project and be able to effectively apply practical skills associated with that role. At the end of the course, successful students will be able to:
• Understand the principles behind the agile approach to software development
• Differentiate between the testing role in agile projects compared with the role of testers in non-agile projects
• Positively contribute as an agile team member focused on testing
• Appreciate the challenges and difficulties associated with the non-testing activities performed in an agile team
• Demonstrate a range of soft skills required by agile team members
• Completing this course, will provide the information needed to sit the Certified Agile Tester assessments and exam.


The course also prepares participants for the exam Certified Agile Tester that is taken on the last day.
The exam consists of a soft skills assessment about the capacity for teamwork, a practical part and a theoretical part with open questions.

The price for the exam is €400 and is included in the subscription price.
If you wish to follow this training without the exam, the €400 exam fee will be subtracted from the price.



Every day: Daily Scrum and Soft Skills Assessment

Day 1 : Agile Methods and Process
• Introduction
• Daily SCRUM
• Problems with “Traditional” Projects
• Agile Manifesto & Principles
• Agile Methods
• Agile Process Option
• Roles
• Intro to Agile Exercise
• Sample Questions

Day 2 : Planning
• Requirements & Specifications
• Iteration 0
• Release Planning
• Task Board
• Test Strategy
• Estimation
• Iteration Planning
• Burndown Charts
• Sprint Practice Exercises
• Sample Questions

Day 3 : Testing
• Continuous Integration
• Version Management
• Pairing
• Acceptance Criteria
• Regression Testing
• Defect Management
• Testing Exercises
• Sample Questions

Day 4 : Teams
Test Automation
Non-Functional Testing
Debt Technical & Testing
Agile For Large Projects
Summary Testing Exercises
Sample Questions

Day 5 : Assessment
• Practical Assessment
• Written Exam Revision
• Written Examination



If you are interested in Certified Agile Tester you should be familiar with the following about testing:
• Test Design – EP / BVA / State Transition / Decision tables / Exploratory
• Basic Test Terminology
• Understand the difference between functional and non-functional testing including the basic concepts of Performance and Usability testing
• Performing all the activities associated with the fundamental test process

Before taking part in Certified Agile Tester training, we recommend you to have taken the foundation training on testing including certification ISTQB Certified Tester - Foundation Level, but it is not obligatory.



• Testers, Testcoördinators en Testmanagers who are working with agile or will start using Agile.
• Persons that are interested in the testing activities within Agile, such as Managers, SCRUM Masters and Developers
• People that are moving into an Agile project performing testing activities;