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Fast Track to Akka with Scala

Fast Track to Akka with Scala


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This two-day course introduces experienced application developers to the reactive Akka toolkit, runtime and the methodologies that enable the creation of real-world actor-based systems in Scala on a single JVM. This course has extensive hands-on work and successive exercises build upon prior lessons learned to produce a fully functional application that is both event-driven and resilient by the conclusion of the course.

At the end of the course you will be able to :
• know how to design scalable and fault-tolerant applications using Akka's actors
• know how to configure, test and tune Akka applications
• know best practices for designing asynchronous, event-driven systems using Akka
• be confident to start using Akka in production systems

Bring your own hardware

To benefit most from this course, it is best if you bring your own laptop to this Akka with Scala course, so you learn how to develop in Akka within your own environment.

If you are unable to bring a laptop for the course, please us and we will provide a PC for you.



• Intro to Akka
• Actor basics
• Testing actors
• Actor lifecycle
• Fault tolerance
• Scaling up with routers - dispatchers
• Modifying Actor Behavior
• Ask Pattern
• Akka Extensions



Code examples and exercises will be written in Scala, so a basic knowledge of Scala as covered in the "Fast Track to Scala" course is required.



If you are a developer and you want to learn how to apply the tools and services provided by Akka to build high-performance, fault-tolerant systems that scale, then this Scaling up with Akka and Scala course is for you!