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WB2013 Fast track to HTML, CSS and JavaScript Dutch €2450.00 3 Day(s) 12-12-2018 09u00 14-12-2018 Kontich Subscribe
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Fast track to HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Fast track to HTML, CSS and JavaScript


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In this class, students get a rapid hands-on introduction to client-side programming with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.Students should be prepared to cover a lot in three days and to be ready to spend some time afterward reviewing the content on their own to solidify and build upon the skills taught in class.

Objectives :
• Learn the basics of Web development
• Learn the difference between HTML and XHTML
• Learn to create links in HTML documents
• Learn to add images to HTML documents
• Learn to create HTML tables
• See how forms are built in HTML (this will be covered very quickly)
• Learn the benefits of CSS.
• Learn to avoid using deprecated tags and attributes.
• Learn CSS syntax.
• Learn to use

and tags appropriately.
• Learn most of the common properties and their values.
• Learn how JavaScript is used
• Learn JavaScript syntax
• Learn to work with JavaScript variables
• Learn to create your own functions in JavaScript
• Learn to write flow control logic in JavaScript



1.A Quick Overview of Web Development
- Client-side Programming
- Server-side Programming

2.Introduction to HTML
- Getting Started
- A Simple HTML Document
- The HTML Skeleton
- HTML Elements
- Special Characters
- lang and xml:lang

3.Paragraphs, Headings and Text
- Paragraphs
- Breaks and Horizontal Rules
- Creating an HTML Page
- Quoted Text
- Preformatted Text
- Phrase Elements
- Formatting Elements
- Documenting Changes

4.HTML Links
- Text Links
- Absolute vs. Relative Paths
- Targeting New Windows
- Email Links
- Adding Links
- Anchors
- The title Attribute

5.HTML Images
- Inserting Images
- Image Links
- Adding Images to the Page

6.HTML Lists
- Unordered Lists
- Ordered Lists
- Definition Lists
- Creating Lists

7.HTML Tables
- Creating Tables
- Attributes
- Merging Cells
- Creating Tables

8.HTML Forms
- How HTML Forms Work
- The

- Form Elements
- Creating a Registration Form
- Adding Checkboxes and Radio Buttons
- Adding a Select Menu and a Textarea

9.Crash Course in CSS
- Benefits of Cascading Style Sheets
- CSS Rules
- Selectors
- Precedence of Selectors
- The Cascade
- Creating an Embedded Style Sheet
- Creating an External Style Sheet
- Adding Inline Styles
- Media Types

- Divs and Spans
- Units of Measurement
- The Inherit Value
- @import

10.CSS Fonts
- Font - the old way
- Font-family
- Font-size
- Font Family and Font Size
- Font-style
- Font-variant
- Font-weight
- Font Style, Font Variant and Font Weight

11.CSS Text
- Letter-spacing
- Word-spacing
- Line-height
- Text-align
- Text-decoration
- Text-indent
- Text-transform
- Vertical-align
- White-space
- Text Properties

12.Colors and Backgrounds
- About Color Values
- Color
- Background-color
- Background-image
- Colors and Backgrounds

13.JavaScript Basics
- The Name "JavaScript"
- JavaScript Syntax
a.Basic Rules
b.Dot Notation
c.Square Bracket Notation
- Where Is JavaScript Code Written?
- JavaScript Objects, Methods and Properties
c.The Implicit window Object
d.The getElementById() Method
- Event Handlers

14.Variables, Arrays and Operators
- JavaScript Variables
a.A Loosely-typed Language
b.Storing User-Entered Data
- Arrays
a.Associative Arrays
b.Array Properties and Methods
- JavaScript Operators

15.JavaScript Functions
- Built-in Functions
d.parseFloat() and parseInt()
- Built-in Functions vs. Methods
- User-defined Functions
a.Function Syntax
b.Passing Values to Functions
c.A Note on Variable Scope
d.Returning Values from Functions

16.Conditionals and Loops
- Conditionals
a.if - else if - else Conditions
b.Switch / Case
- Loops
a.while Loop Syntax Loop Syntax
c.for Loop Syntax Loop Syntax



No specific prerequisites, however candidates should have a basic working knowledge of IT and web technologies.



The course is meant for students who want to need to get a jump start on all three technologies : HTML, CSS and JavaScript