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BD005 Hands-on with Spark Streaming Dutch €425.00 1 Day(s) 14-05-2018 09u00 14-05-2018 Kontich Subscribe
BD005 Hands-on with Spark Streaming English €425.00 1 Day(s) 10-12-2018 09u00 10-12-2018 Kontich Subscribe
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Hands-on with Spark Streaming

Hands-on with Spark Streaming


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In this one-day Spark Streaming course you will learn setting up your very own Spark Streaming applications, and do real-time data processing and analytics.

You will start with setting up the data ingestion from HDFS, Kafka, and even Twitter.
Next up you will learn about the benefits from using one integrated framework for both batch and streaming processing. You will combine streaming and historical data, in order to create valuable applications.
You will learn how fault-tolerance is built into Spark Streaming, and might even get a hint of how to combine it with the Spark MLlib machine learning library.



CHAPTER 1: Data Ingestion (HDFS, Kafka, Twitter, ...)
CHAPTER 2: Spark: one integrated framework
CHAPTER 3: Spark: batch versus streaming or both
CHAPTER 4: Combining historical and streaming data
CHAPTER 5: Fault tolerance in Spark streaming
CHAPTER 6: Spark MLlib and streaming data



Previous experience with programming for Apache Spark in Scala is required



This course is aimed to experienced developers that want to get started with developing streaming applications for Apache Spark.