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ATL02 How to use & administer the Atlassian tools on your request on your request Contact Us

How to use & administer the Atlassian tools

How to use & administer the Atlassian tools


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Get to know and work with Atlassian JIRA Server in detail. This workshop is focused on teaching you how to work with JIRA Server as a user and
as an administrator.
We'll also introduce you into the magical world of Agile.



Part 1 - General Configurations
- Check & Upgrade the current Add-Ons
- Install new Add-Ons
- Upgrade license of currently installed add-ons

Part 2 - Permissions
- Administer users & groups
- Get a view on different permissions
- Administer (project) roles
- Create a new project
- Add a Status

Part 3 - All kinds of schemes
- Adapt the Workflow
- Work with issue types
- Work with screens
- Work with fields

Part 4 - Let's get Agile
- Create Agile Boards
- Create Issues and start Sprint
- Work with the Agile boards
- Close sprint

Part 4 - Common administration taks
- Work with Priorities
- Work with Resolutions
- Work with Versions
- Work with Components
- Work with Labels
- Work with Dashboards
- Work with Filters
- Manage your profile
- Change Notifications
- Close sprint
- Customise the look and feel

Part 5 - More advanced administration tasks
- Use the Announcement Banner
- Use the Audit Log feature
- Check the integrity
- Monitor the database
- Use the Issue Collectors
- Use the administration helpers

Part 6 - General Configurations
- Re-indexing
- Backing Up & Restoring JIRA



None, technical background = plus



Potential and existing Atlassian JIRA users & administrators