Objective-C Advanced

Objective-C Advanced


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Now Updated for Xcode 5

Having mastered the beginner’s introduction to Objective C, take this course to bring your skills up to the next level.

If you are looking to develop efficient, smooth-running applications, understanding concurrency and other advanced features in Objective-C are essential. This course will cover a range of topics including, Grand Central Dispatch (GCD), blocks and key value coding.

Our smaller class size will help ensure that you get all your questions answered. All our development courses are taught by developers who have developed real world applications.

What You’ll Learn?

This two-day intensive is designed to give you a higher level of understanding of Objective-C. There’s plenty of lab time to allow you to re-enforce what you have learnt.



• Overview: We first start with a recap on how Classes and Objects are implemented in Objective-C
• Inheritance: We take a deeper look at inheritance and how you can use it to extend your classes
• Composition: Composition is another way of extending your classes. You can more complex classes from multiple simpler ones
• Categories: Learn how to use categories to extend the functionality of existing classes. Very useful if you want to extend a class that you do not have the source code for
• Protocols: Protocols are used intensively by Apple through out their API’s. A protocol specifies what methods a class must implement.
• Dynamic Typing: Learn how Objective-C uses dynamic typing to make decisions about classes and objects at run-time. Run-time programming is what makes Objective-C unique and very versatile.
• Key Value Coding: Learn how KVC allows you to access objects in a more flexible way than hard coded statements
• Key Value Observing: Learn how KVO is used to monitor and respond to objects whose state has changed
• Predicates: Learn how to use predicates to build dynamic statements which evaluate properties and collections
• Blocks: Introduction to Blocks. Learn what blocks are and how to create them and utilise them. Blocks are becoming a key skill every developer will need
• MultiThreading: Learn how to use Grand Central Dispatch to make your applications more efficient on multi core cpu’s
• Errors: Learn how to capture errors and exceptions in your code

This course will prepare you to take our popular, five-day iOS App development Workshop



• If you have attended our 2 day beginners course for Objective C, or have a basic understanding of C and Objective -C and wish to increase your skill level so you that can write efficient smooth running applications.