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Oracle BI: Analysis and Dashboards

Oracle BI: Analysis and Dashboards


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This course provides step-by-step instructions for creating analyses and dashboards, which compose business intelligence applications. Participants learn how to administer the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog and to build a simple Oracle BI dashboard starting with basic analyses, then adding more complexity as the course progresses. Participants learn to include pivot tables, graphs, prompts, embedded content and navigation links on the dashboards.



Introduction to Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition
- Introduction to Oracle BI
- Architecture overview

Working with Oracle Business Intelligence Analyses
- Introduction to Oracle BI Analysis Editor
- Oracle BI column types
- Working with analyses in Oracle BI
- Using advanced formatting

Limiting and Grouping Data in Analyses
- Introduction to filters and selections
- Creating, editing, and grouping filters
- Adding prompts to analyses
- Dynamic filtering
- Using saved analyses as filters
- Creating groups
- Creating calculated items

Working with Views and Graphs in Analyses
- Introduction to views, graphs, and editors
- Working with views in Compound Layouts
- Creating and editing graphs
- Linking master-detail views
- Performing common view tasks

Showing Results With Pivot Tables
- Introduction to pivot tables
- Creating, arranging, and formatting a pivot table
- Using hierarchical columns
- Sorting in pivot tables
- Setting aggregation and using totals
- Building calculations and displaying running sums

Creating Oracle Business Intelligence Dashboards
- Introduction to dashboards and dashboard pages
- Creating and editing dashboards
- Using the Dashboard Builder
- Exploring dashboard object properties and options
- Publishing dashboard pages
- Creating personal customizations and using other page options

Configuring Oracle Business Intelligence Dashboards
- Types of dashboard content
- Embedding content in dashboards

Creating Dashboard Prompts and Variables
- Overview of variables
- Introduction to dashboard prompts and prompt types
- Adding a named dashboard prompt to a dashboard
- Creating additional prompt page and setting page preferences
- Variables and prompts
- Adding variable prompts to a dashboard
- Wiring dashboard prompts



Knowledge required: Basic analytical capabilities



End users who should be able to create ad-hoc analyses