Extended Classroom training at OAK3 Academy

Next to the traditional Instructor Led classroom training we also offer the possibility to follow a big portion of our courses as an Extended Classroom training.

Our range of Extended classroom courses enable you to join live classroom training via web conference, saving time and money on travel



How does it work ?

Our ‘Extended classroom’ courses allow you to access classroom training without leaving your home or office. We use GoToMeeting video conferencing software by Citrix. Before you book you should:

  • check to ensure you meet the GoToMeeting system requirements
  • run a test meeting to ensure the software is compatible with your firewall settings (if this link doesn’t work you should adjust your settings or contact your IT department about permitting the website)
  • make sure you have a compatible webcam if you are doing any ITIL or BCS Specialist exams, as visual ID checks will be required (click here to test if your hardware is compatible)


What will it be like ?

  • One week before the course starts we will send out the equipment you need in the post (headset and manuals) and contact you to test everything is working.
  • Just before the course begins you will be able to launch the software, dial-in to the classroom and familiarise yourself with the interface and how the virtual interactions work.
  • The course will be split into multiple sessions, with short breaks in between so you can stay focussed and refreshed.
  • Throughout the course the learning professional will use an electronic whiteboard, which will transmit all the notes directly to your screen.
  • You can ask the learning professional a question at any time, either by simply speaking aloud through your microphone or by clicking the virtual ‘raise-a-hand’ button on the interface.
  • Towards the end of the course there will be plenty of time for detailed Q&As with the learning professional, just as if you were physically in the classroom.
  • Following the course you will be asked to complete a course evaluation form, which will allow you to give detailed feedback on your experience and help us to make future improvements.


What courses are available?

 We offer a comprehensive and ever-growing range of Extended Classroom training courses :

Look for the EC icon next to the course titel to know if a training can be followed as an Extended Classroom training.


Contact us if you have additional questions !