Amazon Webservices (AWS) training

Amazon Web ServicesAWS training helps developers, IT professionals, and organizations become technically proficient in AWS services and solutions through instructor-led classes.


Who's AWS training for :

AWS Training is designed to benefit any job role or experience level—from business to technical, cloud novice to experienced AWS user.

We cater specifically to the following roles:

  • Business professionals and line of business owners who want to understand the benefits of adopting a cloud strategy and how AWS can help them meet their business objectives.
  • Architects who design distributed applications and systems on AWS and typically understand disciplines including architecture, networking, infrastructure, and security.
  • Developers who code AWS-based applications and focus primarily on SDKs, developer toolkits, programming models, and API best practices.
  • Operators responsible for deploying, provisioning, automating, operating, and monitoring applications and distributed applications systems on AWS.

AWS training overview

Current AWS courses : 

You can learn at your own pace and style : We offer training in our classroom, at your company, or online with our Extended Classroom training —so you can learn the right AWS skills, the way that makes the most sense for you !


Why AWS training ?

  • You’ll learn from AWS experts : Our classes are taught by accredited AWS technical instructors who can help you acquire the knowledge and skills you need to succeed on AWS.
  • You’ll stay ahead of the technology : AWS releases hundreds of new features and updates each year.  Course materials are regularly refreshed to reflect the latest AWS services and best practices.
  • You’ll save time and money : Our AWS Training teaches you strategies for mitigating costs and risk, and shares best practices that can increase your return on investment and speed to market.

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